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Choirworks is a corporate singing workshop designed to give your workplace a boost. Eliza aims to bring modern, community singing to your workplace. A unique and memorable team building activity!

The workshop is for companies around Bristol and beyond who want to enhance team morale and increase confidence in the workplace. There is no better way to encourage bonding and motivate your employees. Give people a voice through the power of song!

Workshops involve ice breaker games, warming up by stretching the key muscle groups for singing, then learning a well-known song or two by ear, chosen from our diverse popular music repertoire.


Workshop Options:

  • 1 hour lunchtime workshop

  • 2 hour workshop

  • Team Building Half Day

  • 12 week programme

You can even perform your song to the rest of the office at the end of the workshop and you have the option of having it recorded - included in your package.

Recording of the performance at the end of the workshop is included!

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Create sparks in your office!

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"I didn't know what to expect when I signed up at work to 'have a sing' one lunchtime before Christmas. 

I must admit I was dubious about the claim that a group of us could be taught to sing a couple of Christmas carols in three part harmony in one lunch time session.

'There's no way that's going to be possible' (I thought) but my doubts were removed when this girl turned up armed with nothing more than an iPhone and proceeded to teach us to sing the carols, in three part harmony, as promised.


Eliza, (the girl with the iPhone full of backing tracks) is a music teacher, choir director and a member of assorted bands. Most importantly, she has bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm - and is a great teacher. We sang our carols (they sounded really good) and went away on a real high, feeling great about ourselves.


If you are thinking about booking a choirworks session, then stop thinking about it and just do it. You won't regret it."

- Martin Elsbury - Silverback Films, Bristol

Singing is simply good for the soul... get in touch now to arrange your workshop. It’s going to be explosive…!

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